how are sub grades calculated?

9.5 + 9.5 + 10 + 9.0 = 38

38 / 4 = ?

Take the sum of all 4 sub grades & divide by 4

Corners – 9.5 | Surface – 9.5 | Edges – 10 | Centering – 9.0

For Example, if your scores are. . .

9.5    9.5    10    9.0

You add them up
9.5 + 9.5 + 10 + 9.0 = 38

Then divide them by 4
38 / 4 = 9.5

The Rounding Process. . .

.01 – .25 (Round Down)

.26 – .75 (It is half a point)

.76 – .99 (Round Up)

Another Example, if your scores are. . .

9.0   9.0    9.5   9.5

You add them up
9.0 + 9.0 + 9.5 + 9.5 = 37

Then divide them by 4
37 / 4 = 9.25

9.25 Rounds Down
So it is a 9.0 Overall Grade

Your overall grade
can not be any more than. . .

1 FULL grade higher
than the lowest sub grade

For Example, if your scores are. . .

9.0    9.0    9.5   6.5

6.5 + 1.0 = 7.5

Our Grading Scale

Cards are graded solely on the condition of the card itself

10: Flawless

A flawless card.

No signs of wear or aging. No imperfections. No creasing. Superb color. Razor-sharp edges. No yellowing. Faultless photo registration. Original gloss intact. Unblemished, unmarred, and spotless.

10: Pristine Mint

A nearly perfect card.

Imperfections not visible unless under magnification. No visible wear. No creasing. Sharp corners intact. Perfect print gloss. No surface flaws.

9.5: Gem Mint

Nearly perfect with barely noticeable tiny flaw.

No creasing. Four sharp corners. Clean gloss and no scratches.

9.0: Mint

Four sharp corners.

Slight nick or small surface scratch. Color and gloss intact. Very minor imperfection (centering, corners, edges, or surface).

8.5: Near Mint/Mint+t

Barely perceptible signs of handling.

Very minor wear. Slight corner nicks or imperfections. Subtle color flaws. No creases. Minor hint of aging.

8.0: Near Mint/Mint

Well printed and well preserved.

Minor wear. Corners and edges no longer razor sharp though not noticeably rounded. Small flaws such as limited wear to one corner, subtle lack of gloss, or slight image imperfection.

7.5: Near Mint+

Higher-end quality with a touch of wear.

Slight image or color imperfection. Minor wear on corners. No creasing. Gloss mostly intact. Modest speckling.

7.0: Near Mint

Bordering on Near Mint+.

Slight wear on corners. Some front-of-card surface degradation. Some image imperfection. Slight back-of-card wax staining.

6.5: Excellent/Near Mint+

Some obvious wear and possible scratch.

Two or more frayed or fuzzy corners. Centering may be off. Possible print spot or off-white card border.

6.0: Excellent/Near Mint

Clearly frayed or fuzzy corners. Detectable scratch.

Photo register may be misaligned. Some gloss still evident. Possible notching of borders.

5.5: Excellent+

Two or more evident corner flaws.

Possible “spider” crease or scratches on front or back. Possible rubber-band indentations. Minor border discoloration. No major stains.

5.0: Excellent

Obviously handled. Four fuzzy corners.

Evident edge chipping. Noticeable color imperfections. Limited gloss. Significant surface wear.

4.5: Very Good/Excellent+

Loss of luster but printing intact.

No major damage but clearly rounded corners and creasing. Possible small staining. Some discoloration. Significantly diminished gloss.

4.0: Very Good/Excellent

Serious surface issues.

Intact card but significant issues, including miscut corners in addition to rounding and edging, discoloration, creases, or surface break.

3.5: Very Good+

Significant wear.

Heavily rounded corners, edge nicks, or surface scratches. Gloss no longer visible. Poor focus. Discoloration. Noticeable staining. Evident creasing.

3.0: Very Good

Yellowing, discoloration, out of focus.

Significantly noticeable staining. Rounded corners. Pronounced handling. Scruff and scratches.

2.5: Good+

Excessive wear.

Heavily rounded corners. Several creases. Significant stains. Focus imperfections. Lack of all gloss and luster. Possible ink marks or other writing.

2.0: Good

Badly scuffed, stained, or scratched.

Serious surface damage, including writing on front or back or card and creases across the card. Possible thumb tack holes. Heavy surface wear.

1.5: Fair

Badly mishandled.

Heavy creases. Ink or pencil marks. Areas of card might be missing. Possible staple holes. Heavy print spots. Miscut.

1.0: Poor

Catastrophic flaws.

Small portions of card may be missing. Card might be torn. Dirty and miscolored. Abused by unknown substances.