We Accept Most Cards, Including
Topps Pokemon Panini Magic: The Gathering Upper Deck Dragon Ball Z Bowman KeyForge Fleer Flesh And Blood Donruss Yu-Gi-Oh!

Known for the best slabs and labels in the industry. Order with or without subgrades and take advantage of our exclusive horizontal slabs. Never pay based on the graded value of your card. Period.

Our Card Grading & Slabbing Services

Whether you’re submitting cards to protect your collection, display your coolest cards, increase the value, or authenticate, you’ll find that HGA cares about your cards and will take the upmost care throughout the entire process.


Sports Cards

We grade virtually all licensed major sports cards that meet the standard 2 1/2″ by 3 1/2″ size requirement. See Cards We Don’t Grade for more information.


TCG Cards

We grade all major TCG cards, including Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Disney Lorcana, Dragon Ball Super Card Game, and more. Have something unique? Contact Us


Personal Collection

Not all cards need to be graded. In fact, we’re a perfect choice for personal collectors looking to showcase and protect their card. We accept all standard card sizes.

About Hybrid Grading Approach

We’re more than a card grading company, we’re a collective of likeminded card collecting enthusiasts looking to enhance the industry through non-biased card grading, personalized labels, and protective slabs that allow our customers to showcase their collection as much as protect and increase the value. We’re focused on delivering the best service in the industry.

Originally founded by a card collector and card shop owner, Hybrid Grading Approach was formed out of a void in the marketplace. Transparency around the grading process, slabs and labels that you’d actually want to show off, and pricing that’s based on the card, not the graded value. Since 2020, HGA has graded over 500,000 cards and added many great features to our platform. In October of 2023, Josh Smith and Trevor Jones took over the operations at HGA, bringing their own passion and commitment to the table. We’re all about making a real difference for our customers and offering a great alternative for collectors who want more than what the usual options offer.

Known For The Best Slabs & Labels In The Industry

Pay Per Card, Not On The Graded Value

At Hybrid Grading Approach, we firmly believe in fairness and transparency in our pricing model. That’s why our fees are based on a per-card basis, regardless of the card’s final grade. Whether your card is graded a 1 or a 10, our charge remains the same. This approach eliminates any potential bias in our grading process, ensuring that we’re not incentivized to assign higher grades for the sake of increased fees. We treat every card with the respect it deserves, as if it were a priceless treasure, focusing solely on its condition. Our meticulous evaluation includes a thorough check for surface damage, precise centering, the integrity of corners, and the quality of edges. Our dedicated team commits to providing accurate and unbiased grades for each card, upholding the highest standards of integrity in card grading.

Why Grade Your Cards With HGA?

We’re focused on our customers throughout the submission journey. Keeping your cards protected, providing accurate grading, crafting the perfect label, and turnaround times are all very important to us. Additionally, our pricing is based per card, not the value. You’ll find the service here a bit different than you’re used to.

Seasoned Experts

Our team of graders have spent most of their entire lives in the card industry. Rest assured you will be given an accurate grade.



With countless label options, including a 1:1 custom label, you can showcase your card collection wherever you are.

Turnaround Times

We know getting your cards back to you quickly is important. We’re committed to fast turnaround times.

Simple & Fast Ordering System

For the past 2 years, we’ve simplified our ordering process so you can get back to  enjoying the hobby of collecting cards.

Become A VIP Member

Thinking of submitting cards on a regular basis? Our members save by joining our VIP membership. We’re committed to our customers and the hobby.

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Increase The Value of Your Card Collection & Grade With HGA

Card Grading Increases Value

Getting your cards graded will increase the value over an ungraded card. We recommend grading your cards proactively to preserve the condition and value.

Card Grading Increases Value

Comprehensive Grading Services

We spend the time necessary to properly identify, authenticate, and grade your card orders. We’re a team of passionate card enthiasts and want to preserve and enhance the hobby of card collecting. Every card, regardless of value, receives the same level of service and commitment.

Card Grading Increases Value

Card Collection Review Services

Do you have a card collection stored somewhere and don’t know where to start assessing the value? We have a dedicated team for just this. We’ll review your entire collection and provide guidance on what to grade for maximum resale (even if it’s not with us). Provided as an affordable service to help identify rare and highly valuable cards. Prices are per collection reviewed and we will provide a simple report on the cards that will benefit the most from grading.

Card Collection Review

Hybrid Grading Approach News

Updates from the card industry, as well as HGA announcements.

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