About HGA

We grade sports cards and TCG cards: baseball, basketball, football, hockey, Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, Dragon Ball Z, Star Wars and more!

At this time, we only take 2.5 x 3.5 inch standard cards, currently no oversized/jumbo, mini or perforated/hand cut cards.

Why Hybrid Grading Approach?

The better question here would be why not? We can’t think of a reason you wouldn’t make the switch to HGA. Highlights are as follows:

  • Customer Service is the best, bar none.
  • Consistent, unbiased, and non-subjective grading.
  • HGA is revolutionizing the industry by implementing software that will allow us to scan, analyze, and grade cards without subjectivity. Each card is scanned at ultra-high resolution. The scanner sees better than a magnifying glass and can pick up blemishes the size of a speck of dust.
  • Easy to submit
  • Simple pricing (Pay by the day, not by the value of the card).

Changing The Game.

Here at HGA we are sports lovers and collecting cards is our passion. We went from collectors to local card store owners, and now onto the grading company. We saw a huge need in the market for consistent grading. We decided to hire multiple companies to design and implement software that will allow us to scan, analyze, and grade cards without subjectivity.

We believe that cards should receive grades based not on who is on the card, the value of the card, or whether or not a grader is having a good or bad day. The cards should be graded solely on the presentation of the card itself. So, we are developing unique software that detects edges for crispness, corners for sharpness, centering for balance, and surfaces free of blemishes; we feel that we will grade your card accurately 100% of the time.

Also, our slabs are top of the line and are color coordinated with team colors to provide the most aesthetically pleasing cards ever seen. We are certain that once you try us out, you will agree.

Are you a current customer needing support please use the support form or contact us using the chat icon in the lower right.