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At Hybrid Grading, we’re more than just a grading service – we’re a thriving community of passionate sports card enthusiasts, collectors, and investors who share a common love for the art and value of trading cards.

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Forge connections with fellow HGA collectors who share your passion! Join our community to connect with like-minded enthusiasts. 

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Elevate your collecting experience and stay ahead of the game. Join us for an insider’s view into the exciting and dynamic realm of sports card collecting.

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Stay in the know with our latest company updates and be “in the know” on what we’re doing next.

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Dive into enlightening Q&A sessions with industry experts! Join us as we bring you firsthand insights and perspectives on cards.

Rules For Our Discord Community

Note: Failure to comply with our rules will result in a permanent ban from our Discord community.

Respect for All Members: Treat everyone with respect. No harassment, bullying, or hate speech will be tolerated.

No Advertising or Self-Promotion: Unsolicited advertising, self-promotion, or spamming is not allowed.

Family-Friendly Content: All content must be appropriate for all ages. No violent, explicit, or inappropriate material.

No Slander or Defamation: Engaging in slander, defamation, or spreading false information is prohibited.

Stay On Topic: Keep discussions relevant to the designated channels. Off-topic discussions may be redirected.

No Illegal Activities: Discussion or promotion of illegal activities is strictly forbidden.

Follow Discord’s Terms of Service: Adherence to Discord’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines is required.

Report Concerns: Report any rule violations or concerning behavior to moderators or administrators.

Moderator Decisions are Final: Respect the decisions of moderators and administrators.

Have Fun and Collaborate: Engage positively, share knowledge, and support fellow collectors.

Buy/Sale/Trade Channel Specific Rule: This channel is exclusively for the buying, selling, and trading of cards. No sales, offers, or solicitations of non-card items are allowed.

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