About Us

We’re about delivering the best service in the industry. We do that through our values, processes, and willingness to do the right thing.

Core Values

Here at HGA we are sports lovers and collecting cards is our passion. We went from collectors to local card store owners, and now onto the grading company. We saw a huge need in the market for consistent grading and delivery, that’s what we aim to do. 



We prioritize the authenticity of your cards, employing rigorous authentication processes to ensure that each graded card reflects its true origin and value.


Our expert grading team brings unparalleled precision to every assessment. Meticulous attention to detail and adherence to grading standards define our commitment to accuracy.

Community Engagement:

HGA is more than a grading service; it’s a community of passionate collectors. We foster connections, discussions, and celebrations within our community, recognizing the shared love for trading cards.


Embracing the latest technology leads our efforts to continuously innovate our grading processes. We integrate advancements seamlessly, ensuring HGA remains a pioneer in the grading industry.

What Sets Us Apart

We believe that cards should receive grades based not on who is on the card, the value of the card, or whether or not a grader is having a good or bad day. The cards should be graded solely on the presentation of the card itself. So, we are striving for the best detection of edges for crispness, corners for sharpness, centering for balance, and surfaces free of blemishes; we feel that we will grade your card accurately 100% of the time.

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Transparent Grading Process

We believe in transparency. Our grading process is not shrouded in mystery – it's an open book. From authentication to encapsulation, we walk you through every step, ensuring you understand and trust the process.


Premier Labels

Our labels are top of the line and can be color coordinated with team colors to provide the most aesthetically pleasing cards for your collection.

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Phenomenal Customer Service

Our team is always willing and ready to help with any of your potential needs.

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Simple Pricing

Pay based on amount of cards and what you choose, not by the value of the card.

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Whether you are a seasoned collector, an investor, or a newcomer to the world of trading cards, Hybrid Grading Approach invites you to be a part of our community. Explore the possibilities, submit your cards for grading, and join the conversation. At HGA, every card tells a story, and we’re here to help you showcase it with pride.