Cards We Don't Grade

Please review the following list prior to starting your order. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

Sports Cards

  • Any cards that were produced on or before 1956 (These cards do not meet the standard size requirements for our slabs at this time)
  • Any undersized/oversized cards produced after 1956 (mini cards, “tall boys” or any card that does not meet the standard 2 ½” x 3 ½” size requirement)
  • Autographed Cards from the following brands: Score Board, Classic, Signature Rookies, Pacific, Press Pass (prior to 2000), Collector’s Edge
  • Any card that is not from an officially licensed brand (Officially licensed is defined as a brand that is not affiliated with any major sports organization, or not produced by any officially licensed manufacturer such as Topps, Panini, Upper Deck, Leaf, etc.
  • Any perforated or hand cut cards (example: Sports Illustrated for Kids or hand cut box toppers)
  • Any 2004-05 Panini Megacracks Soccer Cards
  • 2000 Fleer Ultra Polychrome Tom Brady
  • Any 1984-1986 STAR Brand Basketball Cards
  • Panini Stickers prior to 2015 (They do not meet size requirements for our slabs)


  • Funskool Pokemon Products
Cards that have been altered, tampered with, or modified in any way are not eligible for grading. This includes cards with added signatures, altered surfaces, or any form of manipulation.
We do not grade counterfeit or reproduction cards. Each card submitted for grading must be authentic and match the specifications of the original release.
Uncut sheets, whether they are promotional materials or otherwise, are not eligible for grading. Our grading process is designed for individual cards.
Cards with excessive damage, such as creases, tears, or severe wear that significantly impacts the card's overall appearance, are not eligible for grading.

Have a Question?

If you have any questions or are unsure about whether your cards are eligible for grading, feel free to contact our customer support team. We appreciate your interest and look forward to assisting you with eligible cards through our grading and slabbing services.