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Established in 1986 as “Optigraphics, Inc,” Score initially specialized in multi-image trading cards utilizing lenticular printing, creating 3-D cards for Kellogg’s. Transitioning to nationally distributed baseball cards in 1986 with Sportflics, the company rebranded as Score two years later, marking a transformative moment in the baseball card industry dominated by the “Big Three” (Donruss, Fleer, and Topps).
Score’s inaugural set in 1988 featured a distinctive design with bold, colorful borders, introducing a color mugshot of the player—a departure from the industry norm. Notably, it boasted extensive player biographies, setting a new standard for baseball card sets. The subsequent 1991 and 1992 sets, comprising 900 and 910 cards, respectively, were among the largest of their time. Score expanded its influence with the introduction of the first football set in 1989, making significant waves in NFL trading cards.
Pinnacle Brands, a successor to Optigraphics, produced premium sets like Pinnacle and Select, marked by a distinctive black-bordered design. Sportflics cards continued until 1990, reappearing in 1994 as Sportflics 2000. Pinnacle’s acquisition of Donruss in 1996 further solidified its presence, leading to innovations like hand-signed original printing plates in 1997.
Facing financial challenges, Pinnacle Brands ceased operations in September 1998, and its brand names were acquired by Playoff, leading to the formation of “Donruss Playoff.” Despite the discontinuation of the Pinnacle brand, the Score name persisted in low-end football and hockey sets, primarily targeting the retail market. Eventually, Playoff, Inc. became part of the Panini Group through acquisition.
HGA Grades Panini Cards
Importance of Grading Your Panini Cards
Graded cards often have a higher resale value and are more sought after by serious collectors to display, invest, and sell. It doesn’t matter if it is for personal collection or you are selling your cards, the first step to upgrading your collection is to get it graded.

Importance of Grading Score Cards

Grading is an important part to any collector who wants to preserve, protect, and authenticate their collection. Grading your cards gives you assurance and piece of mind of the following points.

Condition Determination

A card’s grade can significantly influence its market value. A mint condition card can fetch prices exponentially higher than its worn counterparts.


Grading ensures the card’s authenticity, protecting collectors from counterfeit cards. As well as being labeled with the detailed information about the cards set, release and variation.


Once graded, cards are sealed in a tamper-resistant, protective case, preserving their condition. Allowing you to display and show off your cards without fear of damage or wear.

Our Unique Label Designs Enhance Your Cards

HGA’s custom labels enhance graded Score cards by offering a personalized and visually striking touch that complements the design aesthetics of Score’s trading cards. The ability to tailor labels with custom designs and colors allows collectors to create a cohesive and unique presentation that resonates with the themes of the Score cards. This level of customization not only adds an extra layer of visual appeal but also serves as a storytelling element, allowing collectors to highlight specific details or commemorate special moments associated with their Score cards. As a result, the combination of Score’s quality cards and HGA’s custom labels creates an individualized collector experience, fostering a deeper connection between the collector and their graded Score cards.
Importance of Grading Your Panini Cards

What Makes Grading With HGA Different

With the launch of HGA in 2021 a revolution in the grading industry began. HGA focuses on bringing a new focus to the many things that customers had been wanting from existing companies for years. Focusing on these 4 principles HGA continues to improve the grading process and strives to push grading to the next level.


Our hybrid grading approach combines the best of technology with human expertise, ensuring accurate and consistent grades.

Turnaround Time

We pride ourselves on our efficient grading process, ensuring you get your cards back in a timely manner. Your turnaround is guaranteed, or the grading is free of charge.

Customer Service

Our team is always available to answer any queries and guide you through the submission process. We’re committed to customer service.


With HGA, you’ll always know the status of your card, from submission to return.

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