HGA Grades Cardfight! Vanguard Cards

Cardfight!! Vanguard is a popular trading card game developed by Bushiroad. Launched in 2011, the game has gained a dedicated fan base worldwide. Set in a fictional universe, players take on the role of “Spirits” and engage in strategic battles on the planet Cray. The game is known for its unique mechanics, which include the concept of the “Vanguard,” a powerful unit that represents the player and is central to the game’s strategy.
Players build their decks using various clans and units, each with distinct abilities and playstyles. The objective is to attack the opponent’s “Vanguard,” with each successful hit requiring the opponent to add a card to their “Damage Zone.” Once the opponent’s “Damage Zone” has six or more cards within it, the opponent loses. The game has expanded over the years with numerous booster sets and expansions, introducing new cards, mechanics, and strategies. With a competitive scene, organized tournaments, and a rich lore, Cardfight!! Vanguard offers a dynamic and engaging experience for trading card game enthusiasts.
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Importance of Grading One Piece Cards
Graded cards often have a higher resale value and are more sought after by serious collectors to display, invest, and sell. It doesn’t matter if it is for personal collection or you are selling your cards, the first step to upgrading your collection is to get it graded.

Importance of Grading Cardfight! Vanguard Cards

Grading is an important part to any collector who wants to preserve, protect, and authenticate their collection. Grading your cards gives you assurance and piece of mind of the following points.

Condition Determination

A card’s grade can significantly influence its market value. A mint condition card can fetch prices exponentially higher than its worn counterparts.


Grading ensures the card’s authenticity, protecting collectors from counterfeit cards.


Once graded, cards are sealed in a tamper-resistant, protective case, preserving their condition. Allowing you to display and show off your cards without fear of damage or wear.

Who is HGA

With the launch of HGA in 2021, Hybrid Grading Approach brought a new set of standards, and transparency to the grading industry. With a focus on accurate grading, amazing custom labels, superior encapsulation, and helpful customer service HGA strives to continue to push the grading industry to new heights.

HGA uses an accurate 10-point grading scale, with grades ranging from 10 (Pristine) to 1 (Poor). The HGA graders utilize a combination of technology, industry experience, and a lengthy training process to make sure each card is given precise, and accurate grades. This grading process factors in the cards overall appearance, as well as individual defects or blemishes to create the final overall grade based on HGA’s strict grading standards. HGA’s label is designed with the collector in mind. Gone are the days of boring single colored labels. The HGA label library system allows every card to have a special full color label designed specifically for their card or collection, letting collectors make their graded collection truly unique and something eye-catching to display and cherish.

The HGA holder or slab is made from a custom blend of plastics sourced and made in the USA. delivering a strong, and sturdy slab designed to keep the cards’ corners, edges and surfaces protected. With crystal-clear optics, your cards’ artwork, color and detail are never obscured. The HGA slab is impact, and tamper resistant and can hold cards up to 360pts or 9.14mm thick, allowing for the widest range of card thickness of any third-party grading service.
Customer service has been a point of contention in the grading industry for many years. HGA focuses on bringing a new level of customer service to the grading industry. The customer service staff at HGA is dedicated to help every customer question or concern with a timely and accurate response. Standing proud by their ability to resolve and help almost all customers, HGA is always striving to continue this path of excellence.

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