HGA Grades KeyForge Cards

KeyForge, conceived by Richard Garfield and initially published by Fantasy Flight Games in 2018 before Ghost Galaxy took over production in 2022, introduces a groundbreaking approach to card gaming. The game’s hallmark lies in the individuality of each deck, as they are procedurally generated and remain unalterable post-purchase. This uniqueness challenges players to hone their skills and adaptability, steering away from the traditional model of refining decks through external modifications. Embracing the concept that no two decks are alike, KeyForge disrupts the predictability inherent in many collectible card games. Players are thrust into an environment where strategic thinking takes precedence, requiring a deep understanding of their specific deck’s strengths and synergies.

KeyForge’s gameplay revolves around the quest to forge keys, with each match unveiling a distinctive narrative shaped by the unpredictable composition of each deck. The absence of modifications after purchase ensures that every game is a fresh and dynamic encounter. This aspect, coupled with the strategic depth derived from mastering the intricacies of a singular deck, establishes KeyForge as an innovative and ever-evolving addition to the card game landscape.

Graded cards often have a higher resale value and are more sought after by serious collectors to display, invest, and sell. It doesn’t matter if it is for personal collection or you are selling your cards, the first step to upgrading your collection is to get it graded.

Importance of Grading KeyForge Cards

Grading is an important part to any collector who wants to preserve, protect, and authenticate their collection. KeyForge is highly collectible, offering many of the original set in a limited 1st edition print run that featured alternate cold foil cards. These 1st edition cold foils are highly sought after by collectors and players alike so grading your cards gives you assurance and piece of mind of the following points for your FaB cards.

Condition Determination

A card’s grade can significantly influence its market value. A mint condition card can fetch prices exponentially higher than its worn counterparts.


Grading ensures the card’s authenticity, protecting collectors from counterfeit cards.


Once graded, cards are sealed in a tamper-resistant, protective case, preserving their condition. Allowing you to display and show off your cards without fear of damage or wear.

Our Unique Label Designs Enhance Your KeyForge Cards

At HGA, we understand that each card has its own story and the amazing cards of KeyForge never fail to look amazing. HGA strives to contend with that beauty by creating full color labels that match and highlight the amazing art on these cards, including matching colors, themes, and similar elements to the original game design. Make every graded KeyForge card in your collection a special collectors piece with HGA custom labels.

What Makes Grading With HGA Different

With the launch of HGA in 2021 a revolution in the grading industry began. HGA focuses on bringing a new focus to the many things that customers had been wanting from existing companies for years. Focusing on these 4 principles HGA continues to improve the grading process and strives to push grading to the next level.


Our hybrid grading approach combines the best of technology with human expertise, ensuring accurate and consistent grades.

Turnaround Time

We pride ourselves on our efficient grading process, ensuring you get your cards back in a timely manner. Your turnaround is guaranteed, or the grading is free of charge.

Customer Service

Our team is always available to answer any queries and guide you through the submission process. We’re committed to customer service.


With HGA, you’ll always know the status of your card, from submission to return.

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