HGA Grades Magic The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering created by Richard Garfield, a collectible card game that can be played both on tabletop and digitally. It was released in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast, which is now a subsidiary of Hasbro. With over thirty-five million players, Magic was the first major trading card game ever created. With over 27,000 different cards released since the game’s creation, Magic offers amazing cards for everyone to collect.

With Magic being over 30 years old there are many collectors of all things Magic. It was many card gamer’s first exposure to any type of card game. It holds a special place in collectors, and players’ hearts both old and new. From the Golden Age of Magic the Gathering the first sets Alpha and Beta with their power 9 and other vintage cards all the way to modern sets and special release promos and drops, Magic has something for everyone.
Graded cards often have a higher resale value and are more sought after by serious collectors to display, invest, and sell. With every card going through a special authentication process to ensure that it is authentic. If you maintain a personal collection or are selling your cards, the first step to upgrading your collection is to get it graded.

Importance of Grading Magic Cards

Grading is an important part to any collector who wants to preserve, protect, and authenticate their collection. Grading your cards gives you assurance and piece of mind of the following points. With Magic being one of the most printed card games in the world it is important to be able to protect, authenticate, and determine the condition of the cards most important to you.

Condition Determination

Grading ensures the card’s authenticity, protecting collectors from counterfeit cards.


Once graded, cards are sealed in a tamper-resistant, protective case, preserving their condition. Allowing you to display and show off your cards without fear of damage or wear.


Once graded, cards are sealed in a tamper-resistant, protective case, preserving their condition. Allowing you to display and show off your cards without fear of damage or wear.

Our Unique Label Designs Specific to Magic Cards

At HGA, we understand that each card has its own story. That’s why we offer unique label designs tailored specifically for Magic cards. It doesn’t matter which plane you are on, or which planeswalker you ally with, our massive label library will take you from Dominaria to Strixhaven and everything in between. HGA can take your graded Magic cards to a Universe Beyond!

What Makes Grading With HGA Different

With the launch of HGA in 2021 a revolution in the grading industry began. HGA focuses on bringing a new focus to the many things that customers had been wanting from existing companies for years. Focusing on these 4 principles HGA continues to improve the grading process and strives to push grading to the next level.


Our hybrid grading approach combines the best of technology with human expertise, ensuring accurate and consistent grades.

Turnaround Time

We pride ourselves on our efficient grading process, ensuring you get your cards back in a timely manner. Your turnaround is guaranteed, or the grading is free of charge.

Customer Service

Our team is always available to answer any queries and guide you through the submission process. We’re committed to customer service.


With HGA, you’ll always know the status of your card, from submission to return.

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