Non-Gradable Cards

Here are definitions for terms related to non-gradable cards. Updated 3/13/2024


The card shows alteration from the original print. This could be, trimming, recoloration, restoration, waxing, buffing, rebacking, or any other form of tampering.

Questionable Authenticity

The authenticity of the card/autograph is in question. HGA could not verify the legitimacy of the card/autograph.

Undersized / Oversized

The card is either too big or too small to fit. This includes diamond cut cards. HGA cannot slab tall boys/mini-cards at this time.

Explicit Content

The card is showing explicit content. Content could be but not limited to, nudity, vulgar/offensive language, hate signs, excessive violence and/or gore.

Minimum Grade

This card did not meet the minimum grade.

Unsupported Brand

The card is produced by a manufacturer HGA does not support.
HGA has the right not to grade any card that shows evidence of tampering and/or foul play. If any card is not deemed gradable, we do not refund the grading fee. The determination to reject a card requires the work from one of the HGA graders.