Non-Gradable Definitions

  • NG1 – Trimming/Alteration – This Card shows evidence of trimming or alterations done to the edges. This includes use of scissors, scalpel, cutter or use of any instrument with intent to make an edge look better/unnatural compared to factory print. Hooked edges, edges that are over sharp or wavy due to unnatural cutting or trimming.
  • NG2 – Restoration of the stock – This card shows built up stock, in the main of the card or the corners, for example built up corners to repair a soft or damaged corner. This attempt to restore the corner deems the card ungradable.
  • NG3 – Recoloration – This card shows that the color/colors of the card have been restored past the factory condition of the card, this deems the card ungradable as it is now altered/restored.
  • NG4 – Questionable Authenticity – This designation is for cards that appear counterfeit/fake. This is largely determined by the stock of the card itself, too thin, too thick or stock that doesn’t match the quality used from the original factory print. This also includes in person autographs that can’t be deemed authentic ( no JSA/BGS certificate) and does not perfectly match authentic autographs will be deemed NG4 under questionable authenticity.
  • NG5 – Altered Stock – This includes stock of cards that show signs of restoration in the forms of creases/wrinkles and gloss. May show signs of spooning/flattening of a card, or resurfacing the gloss with a wax/solution that enhances the surface past manufacturer’s print.
  • NG6 – Under/Oversize – These cards are too small or too large to be graded under the specifications that they were sent in under. Whether it be small or too large, these cards will not properly fit in slabs we have here at HGA.
  • NG7 – Cleaning – This designation is used for cards with evidence of cleaning, such as whitening of borders, removing wax/stains or discoloration through a whitener or solution.
  • NG8 – Miscut – These cards are miscut from factory settings, this can be diamond cuts, slanted edges, or a cut that makes the card too small for grading.

All cards are reviewed by multiple agents in our office before being deemed NG. If a card is deemed Non-gradable for any reason then the customer can opt in to receive a credit for a future order in the form of a discount code. The credit of $8.00 per card will be provided upon the customer contacting the customer service department at within thirty-days of the return ship date. HGA reserves all rights to determine Non-gradable grades without question, and will bill accordingly to how we see fit.