HGA Services & Pricing

Easy to understand pricing. Don’t pay based on graded value.

At Hybrid Grading Approach, our pricing is transparent and straightforward – we charge based on the turnaround time you choose, not the value of your graded card. This ensures fairness and clarity in our services. For collectors looking to safeguard and showcase their personal collections, we offer PC slabbing, providing robust protection and an elegant display for your treasured cards. Please note that our turnaround times are estimates, with the exception of our guaranteed 10-day and 2-day options. These times are calculated from the moment we receive your card to when it’s ready for return shipment, excluding the shipping duration. All prices include our standard label. The best way to save is through our VIP Membership Program if you are looking to submit cards regularly.

Card Grading

✧Best Value✧


$14 per card (VIP Member)
$16 per card (Non VIP Member)


$25 per card (VIP Member)
$30 per card (Non VIP Member)

✧ Fastest ✧


$35 per card (VIP Member)
$40 per card (Non VIP Member)

Personal Collection Label/Slab

Looking to protect and showcase your card? Our PC option is perfect for those not interested in grading but still want to preserve the condition of their card and not worry about displaying it on a shelf, desk, or elsewhere. 

Notes On PC Slabbing Services: We do not accept any autographed cards that do not have a COA from a licensed third-party or ones that don’t come directly from the card manufacturer. We also don’t accept custom cards with copyright or trademark images.

(Not Graded)


$12 per card (VIP Member)
$13 per card (Non VIP Member)

Additional Pricing (Add-Ons)

Account Level
Non VIP Member / VIP Member
Printed Sub Grades

Offered with every submission level. Choose your option upon selecting a label.

Color Match Custom Labels
+$4 / $0

Offered with every submission level. This matches the card or player/character through matching colors. Neutral and splash designs available.

Premier Labels
As low as $8 / $4

Offered with every submission level

Design Match Custom Labels
+ $20 / $15

Formerly known as our “custom” label designs. Let our designers modify or create something to match your card design. New designs may be added to our portal for purchase under our Premier library.

Speciality Custom Labels
+ N/A / $75

Only available for our VIP members. We provide proofs and revisions and it’s never used again.

Horizontal Slab

NOW FREE! Cards must be between 45pt and 140pt in thickness. All horizontal cards will be slabbed in our horizontal slab. Please note in the card notes if you’d like a vertical slab for your horizontal card.

Shipping Insurance
+ $5.00

+ 2% of Declared Card Value

Save With a VIP Membership

Discover the benefits of our VIP Membership for less than $9.00 a month (paid annually). Enjoy savings on submissions, exclusive access to custom label options, and be the first to know about special exclusives, giveaways, and discounts.