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Customize Your Collection: Our Unique Label Designs

Set your collection apart with Hybrid Grading Approach’s personalized label designs, a unique offering in the card grading industry. For collectors who favor a minimalist aesthetic, our basic label provides a clean and elegant presentation. But for those who desire to make a statement, our extensive and regularly updated array of label designs is at your disposal. Each label is crafted to not only encapsulate the value of your cards but to also echo your individual style. Explore some of our selection and find the perfect label that transforms your collection into a showcase of personal expression and standout beauty. Our full label library is available during our online submission process.

Card Grading Increases Value

Our Standard Label

For those who appreciate the timeless simplicity in presentation, our Standard Label is the ideal choice. Designed to complement any card, it aligns with the standard labels offered in the industry, ensuring a universally appealing aesthetic. Perfect for collectors who prefer a straightforward, no-frills display, this label allows the focus to remain on the card itself. Featured here is an example of our Standard Label, elegantly showcasing a Patrick Mahomes II card.

Splash, Neutral, and Team Match Label Options

Offered with every card on all submission levels


Premier Label Options

Offered with every card on all submission levels

These are just some examples of our premier label options available during your ordering process. Start a submission to see our full label library.

1:1 Custom Labels

Only available to our VIP Members

Input notes during your submission for any requests to your designer. These designs are 1 of 1 customs. Our designers will email you up to 3 designs that you can choose from and will only print upon your approval. Custom labels cannot contain copyrighted images, political, criminal, or sexual content of any kind

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Whether you are a seasoned collector, an investor, or a newcomer to the world of trading cards, Hybrid Grading Approach invites you to be a part of our community. Explore the possibilities, submit your cards for grading, and join the conversation. At HGA, every card tells a story, and we’re here to help you showcase it with pride.