Cards We Accept

We acceot the majority of 2.5″ x 3.5″ standard cards. See our list below and let us know if you have any questions prior to your submission.

We Grade Most Cards

At Hybrid Grading Approach, we cater to your diverse needs by accepting most popular cards measuring 2.5″ x 3.5″. Whether you’re looking for professional grading, authentication, or simply wish to encapsulate your card, we’ve got you covered. Choosing HGA means more than just preserving the condition and enhancing the value of your card; it’s about showcasing your passion in a unique, fun, and interesting way. Our services are designed to celebrate your collection, turning each slabbed card into a vibrant display of your enthusiasm and a testament to the stories behind your cherished collectibles. 

TCG Cards

Embark on a journey of preserving your treasured TCG collection with Hybrid Grading Approach, where every card tells a story and holds a piece of your passion. We understand the value of your collection, not just in monetary terms, but as a reflection of your dedication and love for the hobby. Our mission is to help you safeguard these cherished memories, accurately grading each card to ensure its condition is flawlessly preserved and its value enhanced for future opportunities. With us, it’s not just about grading; it’s about encapsulating the essence of your collection in a showcase-worthy case and label, designed to impress and express the true quality of each card. Trust us to be the guardians of your collection, transforming your prized cards into a legacy you’ll be proud to display and pass on.

Sports Cards

Step into the world of sports card collecting with Hybrid Grading Approach, where every card is a gateway to a cherished memory, a favorite team, or an admired player. We recognize that each sports card in your collection is more than just a piece of cardboard – it’s a fragment of your childhood, a memento of thrilling games, and a connection to heroes who inspired your dreams. Our commitment is to honor these memories by meticulously preserving and accurately grading your cards, enhancing their value and legacy. Whether it’s a rookie card of a basketball legend that takes you back to your youth, or a signed baseball card that echoes the cheers of a stadium, we encapsulate not just the card, but the nostalgia and emotions it holds. With Hybrid Grading Approach, your sports cards are not only safeguarded; they are celebrated in a display-worthy case and label, ready to rekindle stories and relive those exhilarating moments every time you gaze upon them.